Wine list

Wine list

The Mediterranean gastronomy cannot be conceived without wines just as the Earth cannot be imagined without the oceans. This fermenting grape is not a food or a food addition here; it is a way of life, a hedonistic part of the man that draws poetry and beauty from the most strenuous work in the enchanted and continuous symbiotic circle in which artists create wine while wine creates artists, in every circle with a new and unique personality and uniqueness of both of them.

It is said for wine that it is the beverage of gods and humans; the country of godly wines is our courtyard.

The local wine magicians are our neighbours: Coronica, Kozlovic, Degrassi, Cuj, Kabola and Prelac.

Seating at our table, you breathe in the supreme domicile wine poetry; therefore, the emphasis of the wine list is on the local journey through Teran and Malvazija, though Muscat, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon….

However, we are not limited to this as the wine does not know any borders so that on the list you will find also Dalmatia, continental Croatia and even Slovenia and Italy. This is the beginning of a fairy tale through which, if you permit, our personnel will gladly guide you. Surrender without any fear …